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Issue #269 resolved
Victor Hooi created an issue

I'm using MacHg 0.9.23 and Kaleidoscope 1.1.5 (Build 54) with OSX Lion (10.7).

In MacHg, if I click on a single changed file to bring up a diff, it brings up Kaleidoscope with the left pane showing an empty white space, and the right pane showing "Item Missing" (see attached screenshot).

However, if I click on a changeset itself, it will bring up Kaleidoscope showing all of the files in the left pane, and I can click on any of them to see the changes correctly (i.e. it works).

Cheers, Victor

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Ok. I can reproduce this as well.

    However this appears to be a Kaleidoscope / Lion / Mercurial thing since the exact same behavior is true from the command line, when MacHg is not the picture at all.

    Eg steps to reproduce

    1. Install Mercurial on Lion (the latest 1.9.2 is fine) (This doesn't conflict at all with MacHg's internal mercurial...)
    2. Then install Kaleidoscope on Lion and install their integration tools as well.
    3. Then add the following to your /hgrc:
    hgext.extdiff =
    # Kaleidoscope
    cmd.ksdiff = /usr/local/bin/ksdiff-wrapper
    opts.ksdiff = hg

    Then issue some diff command (I have chosen to diff something out of MacHg but you can choose to diff anything). Eg:

    hg ksdiff --cwd /Development/MacHgDev/MacHg --rev 799:800 Classes/General/TaskExecutions.m

    Then Kaleidoscope comes up with the message "Missing Item" as per Victors attached image.

    In all fairness to the Kaleidoscope developers, a good few things changed under Lion. I am only now in the final stages of releasing an update for Lion. Anyway this should be enough for the Kaleidoscope developers to go on.

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    I have been in contact with the Kaleidoscope support people and am happy to say they are aware of the issue and continue in their efforts to resolve it... Hopefully they will have more to add soon...

    Cheers, Jas

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