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Issue #271 resolved
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Using MacHG 0.9.32, I see "Open Heads" in the list of the bottom for "anonymous" default branches, that were already closed. MacHG shows closed branches correctly if those are named branches, but you can also close a branch that has no name and those branches are still listed as open. Try this:

{{{ cd /tmp mkdir hg-test cd hg-test touch A hg init hg add hg ci -m "initial"

echo Test >> A hg ci -m "first"

hg up 0 echo Test2 >> A hg ci -m "second"

hg ci -m "closing anonymous branch" --close-branch }}} Now check out the open heads: {{{ hg heads hg heads -c }}}

"hg heads" only shows one head, the one labeled "first", since we closed the other branch (even though it has not been named, it is still "a branch"). Only "hg heads -c" shows both. Add this repository to MacHG and switch to the history view.

Both heads are displayed like normal, open heads. Both heads are listed as open heads in the list on the bottom, even though one of both is closed.

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