P2D3::Inertial scrolling causes trash on the screen (OS X 10.7)

Issue #273 resolved
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Inertial scrolling causes trash on the screen on OS X Lion. Screenshot and patch attached.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Hey Eugene,

    Can you still reproduce this? I am on 10.7.1 and I can't seem to reproduce this. I have a magic trackpad and can get the history view to bounce at the end of a scroll, do internal scrolls, etc... But I can't seem to get it to draw the garbage you are seeing... Thus I will close unless you can reproduce it...

    Thanks! Jas

  2. Eugene Golushkov

    Yes, I can reproduce this with unpatched 0.9.23 version using OS X 10.7.1 and Apple Magic Mouse. It`s so easy reproducible, so program became completely unusable. To do so scroll graph view a little up - scrolling down works normally.

    You found new instance of this problem - in details subview. Now I can reproduce it too, but never seen it before upgrade from 10.7 to 10.7.1. I think it can be fixed by disabling copy-on-scroll too.

  3. Jason Harris repo owner

    - Tweak Eugene's change and as he suggested in issue #273, propagate this to LabelsTableView as well. (In fact I will likely have to propagate this to all of my views which have a parent NSClipView.) - Fixes #273.


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