I have found a bug about "Merge" in MacHg 0.9.23

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Bing Zheng created an issue

When i want to merge from the other respority,i get a error:

Mercurial reported error number 255:hg merge: option --tool requires argument.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
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    Hi, Thanks for the report.

    Sorry but can you elaborate in more detail the exact steps you are using to produce this error?

    Thanks, Jason

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I get this same problem. I'm not sure what is causing it. I simply try to merge with another revision and it appears.

    I recall that I did uninstall XCode, and thus perhaps a Diff program was uninstalled. However, I reinstalled XCode, so if the Diff program was missing it should have returned.

    However, the error remains.

  3. Tyler Cook

    I had to manually go into the preferences, and then go to the Mercurial submenu.

    There, I found that my Merge and Diff tools were blank. I manually set them to FileMerge (since it comes with XCode) and this error no longer appeared.

  4. Mark Chackerian

    I've had this problem two or three times where my diff and merge preferences get clobbered (reset from FileMerge to blank). Thankfully I find this post which reminds me to re-add them. On at least the last two times that this happened, the problem occurred after restarting my machine, which I only do rarely.

  5. sr105

    I'd argue that this is a usability bug, albeit a minor one. MacHg should detect the situation and do something a bit more sensible.

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