P3D4::Configure Repo Dialog : dragging of folder icon into path input broken

Issue #278 resolved
Thomas Traub
created an issue

OSX : 10.6.8 MacHg : 0.9.23

I can drag a folder icon onto the config repo dialog. The functionality is implemented, but the wrong input field is activated.

Edit : Please see my comment, it is actually more complicated

IS : The ShortName field is activated

SHOULD BE : The Local Path field is activated

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  1. Thomas Traub reporter

    Actually the Dialog box works for both ShortName and Local Path, but only :

    1. if the input field has the focus

    2. if the input field is empty

    It should :

    1. set the focus to the field on dragover

    2. it should replace the fields content on drop

    3. luxury : refuse if the path is not a valid repo

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