P5D3::Passwords : multiple entries in Keychain for the same account

Issue #279 resolved
Thomas Traub created an issue

I have several repos on bitbucket under one account, MacHg creates for every repo an account entry with the repo name as account in Keychain.

This is not very nice. Guess using the UserName from the config server dialog in MacHg would solve this. Additionally it would not be necessary to always retype the password when creating a new server repo fro an already existing account.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Thanks for the report!

    Although I understand the point, is it that much of a problem to type the password for the server? On bitbucket there is one password but I can well imagine that there could be different passwords for different repos on the same server. Eg at some company one repo is ultra secrete, and others are not so secrete...

    I don't really consider this a bug... Most programs will have the same behavior... Eg apple mail or something, you need to type the password for each account independent if it is on the same server. What do gitx, tower, and other tools do here?

    One thing I could do is if the base url changes and there is no password, and https is used, then look for the first key in the keychain that has the same server and user and pre-fill the password field in this case... Still I think MacHg might be being too clever if it does this...

    I think for now I'll consider this as designed... But do feel free to comment further if you think this is wrong...

    Cheers, Jas

  2. Thomas Traub reporter

    I do not think so. I connect to a repo always using a user. This user has always one password. If I have two users on a server this does not change. So in Keychain there should be an entry for each user per server.

    I use version control for my websites, so I have plenty of repos (around 30) for them, imagine I want to change the password ...

    Before I used svn and Versions and I had this behavior, I needed to specify the user just once.

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