P4D2::Open Terminal Here should allow the use of Alternate Terminals

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Issue #286 resolved
Eugéne Roux created an issue

I use iTerm, and it's //really// annoying when MacHG opens Terminal.app when I click the Terminal button...

It would be really useful if I could configure MacHG to use iTerm instead of Terminal.app instead.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Hi Eugéne,

    Thanks for the suggestion! The code that does this is in: /MacHg/Classes/ExternalClasses/ShellHere/ShellHere.m

    MacHg goes through the apple script scripting bridge to open windows, or the terminal, etc. It looks from a bit of googling that iterm has good applescript support. So if someone wants to look at this for iTerm or other terminal programs I am happy to look at patches... (The UI is the simpler bit and I can easily hook that bit up in the preferences if someone does the applescript bits...)

    (Other than this I have to candidly say I am really sorry but it is not really on my priority list. I am personally pretty happy with the Terminal... And things like flat files view and other things are much much more highly requested features... Really sorry...)

    Cheers, Jas

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