Can't associate a server with a repo

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Issue #288 duplicate
Sarkazein created an issue

I'm trying to set up a 1:1 relationship between local and server repos, but I'm having trouble. I can't seem to find a place to specify a default server for a repo to use.

It's saving which server to PULL from, but not PUSH (which should be the same server).

I'm also confused as to how it populates the PUSH server dropdown. It's only listing three of my repo servers, not all of them. I can select the correct server, and it will push, it just won't save the one I selecte for the next PUSH.

For reference, I am using: MacHG 0.9.24 OSX 10.6.7

And all my repos are on BitBucket.

Thanks, Riley Mills

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    The server's are determined by the order they are in, in the side bar. However it should likely select the default server as your first choice. This is really a duplicate of 289 though that you should be able to specify a default push and default pull server for each repository.

    Duplicate of #289.

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