P4D3::Cmd-Delete with a repo selected should open Delete dialog.

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Issue #30 resolved
Blake Winton created an issue

I'm apparently all over the keyboard shortcuts. :)

Thanks, Blake.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Actually now that I have come to look at it...

    Its a question of where the focus is. Cmd-delete is already used to delete files in the browser view and it would be easy to get one confused with the other. Ie delete files or remove the repository from the sidebar. I sometimes hit cmd-delete and then reflexively hit enter to say yep I want to delete the file. If I had focused switched to the sidebar I could have accidentally deleted the repository (of course I can undo this, but still...). Also I note Apple doesn't do this with say Mail. (Although it does do this with ical.)

    I also think cmd-delete maybe should pull up the strip operation in the history view, if history editing is enabled but again this is dangerous...

    I am going to resolve this as designed. If there is an outcry over not having this I'll reconsider :)

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