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Moritz Lichter created an issue

The sidebar which allows the user to select the items which should be visible in the file view can be hidden and the user has a very nice popup to select the items. That is a very great thing because it gives the user more space especially for the diff view (another great feature).
But: I want this sidebar to stay hidden, but always when I close MacHG and open it again (or only close the window) the sidebar is visible again. I would like if MacHG stores whether this sidebar was visible or not.

BTW: Why are your popups not transparent as the ones of Apple (e.g. in Calendar)? I think that looks nice.

BTW II: I think that is not a problem of the new 1.0 Beta (also exists in the stable 0.9): do you know where the sheet open animation for customizing the toolbar is not working? (the close animation works fine)

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Good points!

    Point 1: persistent hide sidebar setting. I will do this. Point 2: Done! Point 3: I never noticed. Good catch. I have no idea why this is happening. I am not sure I will investigate in huge depth why this is happening... (Bigger fish to fry, but if I come across something that looks like a solution I will investigate...)

    A very good report! Thanks again for these details. I would have missed at least point 2 and 3...

    Thanks! Jason

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