P4D3::Badge label placed incorrectly

Issue #314 open
Moritz Lichter
created an issue

Firstly, I hope I used the correct term badge label. But it becomes clear on my Screenshots. They are hidden partly except you resize the sidebar of MacHG.

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  1. Moritz Lichter reporter

    This problem can be reproduced at every startup of Mac Hg on my computer. I just open the application and do nothing more. Is there anything more I can do to help you finding the problem?

  2. Moritz Lichter reporter

    Could it be, that the sidebar is just wrong sized? I get a scrollbar at the bottom, so I can scroll to make the labels visible completely. When I resize the sidebar, the size of the sidebar is changed and the labels fit. Sorry, that the scrollbar in the screenshot is not as dark as usual, but before I could take the screenshot, the scrollbar started to hide.

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