D4D3::MacHg 1.0b3 - File Difference Size Limit Exceeded...

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Using MacHg 1.0b3 on my MacBook (10.6.8).

I created a local repository for an HTML Help guide (~41 mbytes, 1219 files). I right-clicked to "Add these files".

The spinner ground away for a while while it was "Generating Differences...", then I saw "File Difference Size Limit Exceeded..." in the "Differences" pane.

The files seem to have been added - they all have green "+", and I was able to commit them (Cmd-Shift-S) without incident.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
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    The difference limit being exceeded is nothing to worry about. Maybe the fail message should be a little better but there has to be an upper limit to the size of the differences which should be generated...

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