MacHG stability on MacOSX Yosemite

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Issue #348 resolved
Mark van Seeters created an issue

Since installing the Yosemite update MacHg 0.9.25 has been crashing a lot.

Starting MacHG or saving changes to a tracked file can be enough to trigger a crash. I've also experienced crashes when pulling, commiting, pushing and updating. This is happening on multiple Macs with existing MacHG installs. Usually I get a 'MacHg has quit unexpectedly' message while MacHG keeps running.

There is no 100% certain way to reproduce this but it does happen very frequently.

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  1. ChristineXYS

    Me too, crash so often on Yosemite!!! It always no response. Please fix it as soon as possible. I love your App but it cannot work any more. I use 1.0.0Beta3.

  2. Mark van Seeters reporter

    I'm now using Sourcetree, it allows you to add your existing local repo's. The switch is easy, it has some nice features that MacHG lacks, but I still miss MacHG.

  3. ChristineXYS

    Me too. I just switched my repositories to source tree. Need to keep on working any way. MacHg is simple and easy to use, but sadly it seems not maintained.

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