Application Crashes At the Start

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Issue #349 resolved
Evgeniy Sharapov created an issue

This could be system related. Application crashes at the start presenting the dialog window with the Apple Report form.

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  1. Oleksii Tymchenko

    Got the same thing. CLI tells it's segfault thing.

    MacOSX 10.9.5. Python 2.7 (system default)

    >>> /Applications/ 
    2014-11-10 15:19:44.343 MacHg[2291:507] Invalid color System, labelColor (warning given only once)
    Segmentation fault: 11
  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    I just created a new version for this 1.0.2 which should fix this problem. Could I get you both to download this version and test this and see if it fixes the issues? (Yosemite seems to have bust a number of things...)

    Thanks! Jason

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