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Issue #35 duplicate
Marko Käning created an issue

I attach a series of 3 images which demonstrate what I noticed:

Images numbered 1 to 3 were generated from machg-test repo while scrolling a tiny bit upwards in the history view. (Scrolled from changeset 105 to 108!)

1) Marko's branch is blue, Jason's green

2) a) Marko's is suddenly green, while Jason's became red b) Branches swapped sides c) Branches are not centered

3) Distance between lines changed, now they are centered

I figure the drawing specifics get created only for a limited scope and as soon as the scrolling is big enough that a cs is not visible anymore all related information concerning the previous graph style is lost.

This all is certainly not critical, but a little confusing with all the swapping, color-changing and alike. :)

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    This was about the color changing and a little about the jiggling. I have reopened #31 so this is now a duplicate.

    Duplicate of #31.

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