P4D1::Selected file text color is incorrect

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Issue #41 open
chipersoft created an issue

When selecting a file in the display the text remains black. This is inconsistent with other OSX apps and should switch to white.

Example attached.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Ohh this turns out to be more complicated than I thought. Determining if a cell is highlighted is kind of tricky... Especially if you are trying to do this when drawing it or about to draw it. If anyone knows a nice way to determine if the cell isHighlighted while drawing (note there is the line

    	[self setHighlighted:NO];

    in - (void) loadCellContents in FSBrowserCell.m, but if I don't set highlighted to NO, then really screwy behavior ensues. Ie lots of things are highlighted when they are not. (ie coming into the loadCellContents the isHighlighted is not in a valid state.) It would be ideal to know when the selection changes, Ie get some notification when the selection changes, and then record the selection and just setHighlighted:YES if something is selected.

    This is quite possible for NSTableViews which sends the notification tableViewSelectionDidChange to the delegate. I don't see anything similar which I can latch onto in NSBrowser... See the following discussion on cocoadev

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