P4D3::Original repo is not first selection for push/pull/incoming/outgoing actions

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Issue #43 open
Marko Käning created an issue

See attched file. There are the repos "machg" and "machg-tests" as well as their server repos in the sidebar.

When trying to push (etc.) to(/from) the original repo "machg-tests" of course all compatible repos are offered in the drop down menu.

Unfortunately the first in the list is the one which was selected instead of the original repo "machg-tests".

Resorting the entries in the sidebar however changes the assignment, i.e. if "machg-tests"'s server repo is above "machg"'s server repo then "machg-tests" will be choses as the default setting for the drop down list. Is this intentionally done?

//I think the the server repo with the identical name should always be preferred!//

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