P4D4::Available Toolbar buttons/sets should include file operations

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Issue #46 resolved
timeless developer created an issue

Each of these items (from the action menu) should be available as toolbar buttons, and preferably available in a set as well:

Commit, Diff, AddRemove, Revert, Delete, Add, MarkResolved, Ignore, Unignore, Annotate

Currently there's a set with hg-repository operations, but hg-file operations are fairly important.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Graphic design (Rick Wong) is working on it for the moment. If anybody else wants to contribute potential toolbar icons they will be mostly warmly received. Once I have the icons making the toolbar items is straight froward...

  2. Rick Wong

    This issue is submitted timely and I agree that some of the obvious actions should be available as toolbar icons as well. I want to add to this issue, that everyone who believes they can design these icons, well, they should. It's a way to contribute back to the project. Together we can make MacHg a useful and desirable app.

  3. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to resolved
    • changed component to UI

    There are now toolbar items for: Commit, Diff, AddRemove, Revert

    The following: Delete, Add, MarkResolved, Ignore, Unignore, Annotate are comparatively rare. Do we still want toolbar items for these since they are available through menus and contextual menus. Would anyone actually clutter their toolbars with these if they were available?

    If so reopen this bug :)

    Cheers, Jas

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