P4D3::do not show this message again is ambiguous

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Issue #63 resolved
timeless developer created an issue

== Steps ==

Add a local repository named machg with machg as upstream

Pull everything except the last revision (the easiest way to do this is to keep filing bugs which get fixed while you're working so that there's always stuff incoming...)

Click Pull in the toolbar

== Actual Results == See attachment

==== Pulling machg ==== Are you sure you want to pull the repository "machg" into "machg"?

[ ] Do not show this message again

( Cancel ) ( Pull )

== Problem == I use MacHg with multiple "documents" (test and main), and each document has multiple "repositories". I can't tell if the message applies to MacHg (globally), to a single MacHg document, to a single local Repository, to the specific Remote Repository, or to something else :)

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner


    I can change this here to something specific:

    1. Do not show pull warnings
    2. Do not show any pull warnings

    or easier to something general:

    1. Do not show this class of message again
    2. Do not show this type of message again
    3. Do not show this kind of message again
    4. Do not show any messages like this again

    I am leaning towards 3. would that be clearer?

  2. timeless developer reporter

    As an advanced user, I could almost want a choice (kind of like the w7 copy conflict dialogs).

    I think 3 is probably reasonable, but i'm not sure it really helps, I still don't know the scope (repository, document, application).

  3. Jason Harris repo owner

    The copy conflict dialogs? Sorry I am not familiar with them.

    I'll change it to 3 then.

    Of course I understand your point of view here. But at the same time anything I do here has to be fairly simple in that, if I present a complex dialog when someone just pulls something it could scare them...

    Maybe the solution is to allow you to change your hgrc file within the repo with a section like

    showWarningPush = yes
  4. Jason Harris repo owner

    Ahhh... Well there you go. That picture you sent is on windows, and in my mind is just way to busy to confront the poor user with :)

    But yes your suggestion is totally valid. (Still don't know if I will run with it though :) ) I'll definitely think about it.

    But thanks in any case!

    Cheers, Jas

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