P3D2::MacHg triggers switching to heavy-duty gfxCard

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Issue #84 closed
Daniele Sluijters created an issue

Here we are again after the discussion on Jason's blog.

Just want to look into it because it seems weird that MacHg is currently the only app on the whole system here (except for Aperture and PS CS5) that triggers a switch from built-in Intel to nVidia 330.

Anyone got any pointers as to what I could/should look at?

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Ahh I just asked the cocoa-dev list... (See this thread for details.)

    It turns out I use core image in some of code and this switches CoreAnimation on which switches the graphics card over... If you want I would accept patches which turn off the core animation features. But the person who does these patches should likely have a MacBook which is effected.

    Cheers, Jas

  2. ajostergaard

    Hi Jason,

    According to this Apple made it fairly trivial to stick to the integrated GPU and avoid battery drain. Any chance of a new release? Pretty please!

    Cheers, AJ

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