P2D1::GoogleCode repositories not recognized

Issue #92 resolved
Former user created an issue

When adding a googlecode mercurial repo, MacHG does not properly validate it.

Error Message: "Remote repository is unavailable", if I press "Test" I get the following output: {{{ alias mhg='/Applications/MacHg.app/Contents/Resources/localhg' Rainer-Burgstallers-MacBook-Pro-2:tmp rainer$ alias chg='HGPLAIN=1 HGENCODING=UTF-8 HGRCPATH="/Users/rainer/Library/Application Support/MacHg/hgrc" /Applications/MacHg.app/Contents/Resources/localhg' Rainer-Burgstallers-MacBook-Pro-2:tmp rainer$ chg identify --cwd /tmp --rev 0 https://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/hg/ abort: unknown revision '0'!


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  1. Rainer Burgstaller

    I found that the identify command actually works if i run it without the -r 0 parameter.

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    Thanks. The problem is that gives you the tip revision, which constantly changes. Ie its not a way to determine if two repositories are derived from the same source, which s what the identify -r 0 is used to do...

    This is particular to only Google code and it would be really nice if they fix it! :)

    Thanks anyways though!

    Cheers, Jas

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