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MacHg is a GUI client for Mercurial. It runs under OSX 10.6 (Snow leopard). It
is free to use and donation ware. It was written by Jason F Harris. The initial
public release was version 0.9.0 released 3rd May 2010. It is licensed under the
"New BSD License" (see the file License.txt)

  MacHg Downloads:
 Discussion Group:
FAQ's about MacHg:
  Compiling MacHg:

MacHg Features
* Document based structure with multiple repositories per document
* View incoming and outgoing at a glance between compatible repositories
* Auto refreshes the status of tracked files when they change
* Incremental loading of history (for efficiency)
* Works with large repositories (ie for example can load and work with the
  Mozilla repository which is 3.35Gb)
* Fully compatible with command line Mercurial (You can make changes on the
  command line and they are reflected in MacHg.)
* Fully multi-threaded using Grand Central Dispatch and threading goodness
* File browser view to work with files
* History view to explore the changeset history
* Differences view to explore the historical changes between different revisions
* Interacting with other repositories: pull, push, incoming, outgoing, clone, etc
* Contextual menus and shortcuts in many places
* Diff multiple files at once
* Renaming, merging, updating, reverting, adding files, removing files, etc
* Add and remove local tags, global tags, bookmarks, and branches
* Interface to history editing: collapse, histedit, rebase, strip
* Importing and exporting of patches
* Uses the Sparkle framework for "in application" updates

If you would like to contribute I would be happy to receive help in a large
number of areas. Including:
* Testing
* Documentation (MacHg has some documentation but it would be nice to have much
  more complete documentation.)
* Cocoa coding (Lots of potential enhancements here)
* Mercurial extension writing (There are a few extensions I could use help with:
  for example, around permissibility of dragging and dropping in history
  rewriting, etc.)
* Translating (Especially those who have experience using Apple's polyglot tool,
* Web designers (There are a number of enhancements to be made to web pages,
  wikis, etc.)
* Graphic design (Icon design, etc.)