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-help = [
-    "'exit': quit the interpreter.",
-    "",
-    "Type 'help' at the 'js>' prompt to get this  message."
-].join('\n') + ' \n';
+Running an exercise will test your answers.  Missing and wrong answers
+are reported.
+1.  Find the folder containing the version control repositories.
+2.  Copy subfolder javascript-exercises to your PC.
+3.  Open your copy of this folder.
+4.  Click on runme.bat
+5.  At js> prompt type
+    js> submit('object')
+6.  Open file object-exercises.js
+7.  Start editing this file.
+8.  Do js> submit('object') to check your answers.  (Use up/down arrow
+to recall previous commands.
+9.  Done with object exercises?  Either start with
+closure-exercises.js or request more exercises or both.
+10.  Send feeback, on content and presentation.
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