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To build tex-gpc.

1.  Ensure you have the GNU Pascal compiler.
    $ sudo apt-get install gpc

2.  In this folder:
     $  ./misc/download-tex-gpc

3.  In this folder:
    $ ./misc/build-tex-gpc

To test tex-gpc.

4.  Do this:

    $ cd bin
    .../texlike-daemon/bin$ ./initex
    This is TeX-GPC (INITEX)

5.  Don't do this (because tex-gpc is picky about where tex.pool is).

    $ ./bin/initex
    ! I can't read TEX.POOL.

This process also typesets the web source for TeX into tex.pdf, which
is placed in tmp.

To test the socket-hello-world.  Expect output like:

   $ cd socket-hello-world
   $ ./
   Hello world!
   Socket number 4
   Connect status 0
   Connected by ('', 37864)
   C client: Hello world!
   Connected by ('', 37865)
   Python client: Hello world!

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