ATS graphs library

This directory contains the ATS library for graphs and graph algorithms.

This README file is written in the markup language "Markdown".

This package is copyright 2011 Boston University, and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0.


This package uses Mercurial for version control. It's main repository is hosted on bitbucket at [][].

To download this package:

hg clone


Currently this package requires ATS version 0.2.5 or later.


This directory contains:

  • COPYING - the copyright license for this package
  • graph_algorithms.sats - the interface for some simple graph algorithms
  • graph_algorithms.dats - the implementation for some simple graph algorithms
  • _graph_helpers.sats - interface for data structures used as helper data structures in the graphs and graph_algorithms modules
  • graphs.sats - the interface for the core graph functions
  • graphs.dats - the implementation of the core graph functions
  • - this file
  • TODO - tasks for developers to complete


Currently the documentation is provided only in comments. See the module-level documentation, mainly in graphs.sats and graphs.dats, for more information.

Type checking

To run the typechecker on all files:

atscc -tc *.?ats


There are no compilation instructions yet.


There are no testing instructions yet.


There are no running instructions yet.


Jeffrey Finkelstein

Hongwei Xi