Jason McBrayer committed a1d38ce

Support changing instapaper-api-base without reloading.

This shouldn't ever really be necessary, unless your environment is very
strange (e.g., https is blocked or your url.el doesn't support https).

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 (require 'browse-url)
 (defvar instapaper-api-base ""
-  "Base URL for all instapaper API functions")
-(defvar instapaper-auth-url (concat instapaper-api-base "authenticate")
-  "URL for method for validating an instapaper username and password")
-(defvar instapaper-add-url (concat instapaper-api-base "add")
-  "URL for method for adding a URL to instapaper")
+  "Base URL for all instapaper API functions
+Generally, you shouldn't change this, unless your environment is notably
+strange (e.g., no https).")
 (defconst instapaper-version "0.9.5"
   "Version of instapaper.el")
                                    (if title (concat "title="
                                                      (url-hexify-string title) "&") nil)
                                    (if selection (concat "selection="
-                                                         (url-hexify-string selection)) nil))))
+                                                         (url-hexify-string selection)) nil)))
+         (instapaper-add-url (concat instapaper-api-base "add")))
     (message "url-request-data: %s" url-request-data)
     (if (>= emacs-major-version 24)
         (url-retrieve instapaper-add-url 'instapaper-add-callback (list url title selection) t)
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