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Change transactionmanager order to be the very last one

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File docs/HISTORY.txt

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 0.4 (unreleased)
-- Nothing changed yet.
+- Change transactionmanager order to be the very last one
 0.3 (2011-02-22)

File src/affinitic/zamqp/error.py

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 class ErrorManager(object):
     def __init__(self, connectionId):
-        self.connectionId
+        self.connectionId = connectionId
     def errors(self):
         return consumerSet
     provides=IFactory, name='ErrorConsumerSet')

File src/affinitic/zamqp/message.py

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             #return super(MessageWrapper, self).__getattr__(name)
             return getattr(self.context, name)
+    def sortKey(self, *ignored):
+        "Always be the last one !"
+        return '~zamqp 9'

File src/affinitic/zamqp/transactionmanager.py

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     tpc_abort = abort
     def sortKey(self, *ignored):
-        """ The sortKey method is used for recent ZODB compatibility which
-            needs to have a known commit order for lock acquisition.  Most
-            DA's talking to RDBMS systems do not care about commit order, so
-            return the constant 1
-        """
-        return 10
+        return '~zamqp'
 class Surrogate: