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 The most known AMQP open source servers (aka Message Broker) are: `RabbitMQ <>`_ and `Qpid <>`_
+Such message broker are scalable (using clustering) and performant enough to handle several thousand of messages a second. Most
+of them handle hundred thousands queues without any problem.
 Existing Python AMQP libraries
   * Using ZCA to declare publisher, consumer and connection to broker. In other word, create a clean Messaging Gateway [#MessagingGateway]_ to be use with zope applications.
-  * Have transactional delivery support together with Zope transaction [#transaction]_ (and ZODB)
+  * Messaging tranaction support. Which aims to have transactional delivery support together with Zope transactions [#transaction]_ (and ZODB)
   * Using ZCA to implement the Message Translator pattern [#MessageTranslator]_
   * Using ZCA to implement a Publish-Subscribe (aka Observer pattern) inside Zope with message coming from a Queue