affinitic.zamqp / src / affinitic / zamqp /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Licensed under the GPL license, see LICENCE.txt for more details.
Copyright by Affinitic sprl

import threading
from App.config import getConfiguration
from affinitic.zamqp.processor import MultiProcessor
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('affinitic.zamqp')

def getAutostartServiceNames():
    """get a list of services to start"""
    config = getattr(getConfiguration(), 'product_config', None)
    if config is not None:
        task_config = config.get('affinitic.zamqp', None)
        if task_config:
            return task_config
    return {}

class ConsumerService(object):

    def startProcessing(self, serviceId, db, siteName, connectionId, threads):
        """See interfaces.ITaskService"""
        # Start the thread running the processor inside.
        processor = MultiProcessor(db, siteName, connectionId, maxThreads=threads)
        thread = threading.Thread(target=processor, name=serviceId)
        thread.running = True

def bootStrapSubscriber(event):
    """Start the queue processing services based on the
       settings in zope.conf"""
    serviceItems = getAutostartServiceNames()
    db = event.database
    for serviceId, serviceName in serviceItems.items():
        siteName, serviceName = serviceName.split('@')
        threads = 1
        nameAndThreads = serviceName.split(' ')
        serviceName = nameAndThreads[0]
        if len(nameAndThreads) > 1:
            threads = int(nameAndThreads[1])
        consumer = ConsumerService()'Starting consumer %s' % serviceId)
        consumer.startProcessing(serviceId, db, siteName, serviceName, threads)