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Update audit and docs regarding code coverage.

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 I use `pep8 <>`_ and
 `pylint <>`_. Have a look at ```` in
-the code repository.
+the code repository. Unit test code coverage analysis requires
+`coverage <>`_ and
+`pytest-cov <>`_. ```` leaves
+behind a coverage HTML report in the ``coverage_html`` directory.
 Contact & Help
 Your feedback and questions are highly appreciated. For now, please contact me
-echo "Running gipc unit tests..."
-cd test
-cd ..
+echo "Running gipc unit tests, investigate code coverage..."
+py.test --cov gipc test
+if [ -d coverage_html ]; then
+    rm -rf coverage_html/*
+coverage html -d coverage_html
 echo -e "\n\nRunning check & readme2html..."
 python check
 python --long-description | > /dev/null
 echo -e "\n\nRunning PEP8 check..."
 echo -e "\n\nRunning pylint..."
-cd gipc
-pylint --reports=n --include-ids=y --disable=C0103,W0212,W0511,W0142,R0903
-cd ..
+pylint --reports=n --include-ids=y --disable=C0103,W0212,W0511,W0142,R0903 gipc/