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Make test classes newstyle. doh.

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         raise Exception("Test case left open descriptor behind.")
-class TestComm():
+class TestComm(object):
     """Test basic communication within single greenlets or among greenlets via
     pipe-based unidirectional transport channels and `_GIPCHandle`s.
         assert len(get_all_handles()) == 2
-class TestClose():
+class TestClose(object):
     """Test `_GIPCHandle`s close behavior and read/write behavior in context of
-class TestProcess():
+class TestProcess(object):
     """Test child process behavior and `_GProcess` API.
     def test_is_alive_true(self):
-class TestIPC():
+class TestIPC(object):
     """Test file descriptor passing and inter-process communication based on
     unidirectional message transfer channels.
-class TestContextManager():
+class TestContextManager(object):
     """Test context manager behavior regarding unidirectional transport.
     def teardown(self):
-class TestGetTimeout():
+class TestGetTimeout(object):
     """Test timeout feature of `_GIPCReader` on POSIX-compliant systems.
     def teardown(self):
         assert False
-class TestDuplexHandleBasic():
+class TestDuplexHandleBasic(object):
     """Test duplex handle behavior in single process.
     def teardown(self):
-class TestDuplexHandleIPC():
+class TestDuplexHandleIPC(object):
     """Test duplex handles for inter-process communication.
     def teardown(self):
-class TestSimpleUseCases():
+class TestSimpleUseCases(object):
     """Test very basic usage scenarios of gipc (pure gipc+gevent).
     def teardown(self):
-class TestComplexUseCases():
+class TestComplexUseCases(object):
     """Tests with increased complexity, also involving server components of
     gevent. Reproduction of common usage scenarios.