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     :members: get
+Controlling child processes
 .. autoclass:: gipc.gipc._GProcess()

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     Implements adjustments to multiprocessing's Process class for
     gevent-cooperativity. Currently re-implements ``start()``, ``is_alive()``,
-    ``exitcode`` on Unix and ``join()`` on Windows and Unix..
+    ``exitcode`` on Unix and ``join()`` on Windows and Unix.
     #On Unix, we  cannot rely on `multiprocessing.Process.is_alive()` and
     #`multiprocessing.Process._popen.wait()` to tell the truth about the state
         Wait cooperatively until child process terminates or timeout occurs.
         :arg timeout: ``None`` (default) or a a time in seconds. The method
-            simply returns when timeout expires. The state of the process
+            simply returns upon timeout expiration. The state of the process
             has to be identified via ``is_alive()``.
         assert self._parent_pid == os.getpid(), "I'm not parent of this child."