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Issue #2 new

Is it worth requesting gipc to be integrated into or mentioned by gevent?

Erik Allik
created an issue

I've just realised the need for gipc the hard way and am now thinking that it doesn't make sense for everybody to discover this like I did. So if either Jan-Philip or Denis Bilenko are unwilling to merge gipc into gevent, this package should at least be mentioned explicitly in gevent's documentation.

Comments (2)

  1. Jan-Philip Gehrcke repo owner

    Thanks, Erik, for stimulating this discussion. Actually, my work on gipc began as a proof of concept of something that I myself would like to see integrated into gevent. This is something Denis needs to comment on. If merging these efforts into a single project is not possible within the near or far future it would make sense to reference gipc in the gevent documentation. How does gipc work out for you (I am happy to receive a mail if this will be too off-topic)?

  2. Erik Allik reporter

    we're just experimenting with gipc but it seems to be working fine for now; haven't verified yet if the bug that lead me gipc has been solved.

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