CT-120 on-the-fly thumbnail reconstructions fail for gated protocols

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Issue #20 new
Jeremy Gill repo owner created an issue

Reported recently: gated protocol scans fail to reconstruct on-the-fly reconstructions sometimes. The failure has been traced down to an inability to read the first view of the data, suggesting a race condition exists in the eXplore integration code.

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  1. Jeremy Gill reporter

    I believe the root cause has been tracked down. Normally eXplore reconstruction jobs pause until signaled that data exists on disk. However, there's an initial query of image size prior to this point that shouldn't occur until after the first file has made it to disk. In most cases, the first file is on disk before the reconstruction job is even launched, but the order of events is not guaranteed. v0.9.21 of the engine should address this issue.

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