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Issue #16 resolved
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About a minute after starting the program a window pops up stating: "Unable to verify MicroView license. Please check network and USB dongle settings". All buttons / actions are then greyed out and the program is unusable. I can therefore not evaluate the software. I'm running Windows 7 x64 with installer MicroView-win64-2.5.0-a30-setup.exe (which should technically only expire at the end of October 2013). I had the same problem with the previous version (MicroView-win64-2.5.0-a28-setup.exe)

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  1. ManchesterUnited

    I have been running the b4 and b6. Everything was fine until this week. Similar problem encountered on both b4 and b6 (64-bit). Was well within the 2 months trial + have a new "high end" computer. Tried them on other pcs at the institute, the error message is the same . What could be the cause? Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Jeremy Gill repo owner

    Could you please describe your networking state when these errors occur? The current codebase checks a network server timestamp to verify system time, so if it can't reach the server the software well timeout regardless of the expiry date. This restriction will be lifted once 2.5 hits rc1.

  3. DMarais

    My computer sits behind a corporate proxy and firewall, which is then the exact reason why the timestamp check fails. Something that may help is to add proxy authentication settings to the code.

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