Bizarre Windows 8.1 Launch Issue (v 1788)

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Issue #19 resolved
Former user created an issue

Setup is a Windows 8.1 X64

Updated to the v1788 X64 version of the program to find that it would not start at all. No loading screen or anything. Older versions will load.

Installed v1788 X32 and it works! Reinstall v1788 X64 and it won't load... HOWEVER the X64 version will load IF the X32 version is loaded in the background. Minor issue is that the X64 even when successfully started will not allow more than one Tab to be open in the program.

Not sure if there is a log file available, but I'd be happy to upload it if there is one.

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  1. Michael Pest

    Sorry this was my post, and apparently I've forgotten the architecture notations. Just to clarify: X64 = 64bit X32 = 32bit - should have been X86

  2. Jeremy Gill repo owner

    Thanks for the report Michael - there's no persistent logging for MicroView at the moment -- I'll add that as a feature request.

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