ROIManager no longer able to activate loaded ROI objects

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Issue #27 new
Jeremy Gill repo owner created an issue

As per title: ROIManager plugin is no longer able to activate loaded ROI objects (seen with 2.5.0-2589).

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  1. Bong Jae Jun

    I am using MicroView 2.5.0-b22 Release (2.5.0-2623). The stl files are not showing up after loading from ROI manager. Would it be fixed on the next version? and when do you expect to be?

  2. Bong Jae Jun

    My issue is that the STL file is no longer within the CT images.Capture.JPG I need to use a generic STL model to create ROIs. Previously, I positioned it using Mimics, then exported the positioned STL files back in MicroView using ROI manager. Now as you can see from the picture attached, the positioned STL file is out of the view - the stl model should be approximately centered within CT volume. I think this is due to not referencing or matching coordinate system between volume file (vff) and the positioned STL file. This was working until recent update and I cannot import STL file in the right location back in MicroView.

    I hope this function to be back.

  3. Bong Jae Jun

    There has been several updated since this issue occurred, but this has not been solved yet (MicroView 2.5.0-2935 Windows 64-bit). The main issue is that the STL file coordinate system is no longer matched to VFF file. The STL file is always set up in a 'default' position which is out of the CT volume. I hope the ROI Manager tab would regain its functionality to import STL files to combine ROIs function again.

    Would this be updated soon?

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