MicroView 2.5.0-rc2 Release (2.5.0-2772): Licence

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Issue #31 resolved
Former user created an issue

It seems to have a issue with the recognition of the licence [2015-04-06T09:52:15] [INFO]: Examining license file /Volumes/USB DISK/license.conf [2015-04-06T09:52:15] [WARNING]: Unable to find matching hardware serial identifier [2015-04-06T09:52:15] [DEBUG]: Usb mismatch:

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  1. Jeremy Gill repo owner

    A recent check to compare windows style mac addresses vs Linux (e.g. fe:94:48:2f:ed:20 vs fe-94-48-2f-ed-20) backfired and made the comparison more likely to fail rather than less likely. A fix is in the works.

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