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+ * \file   os_host.c
+ * \brief  Retrieve the current working directory.
+ * \author Copyright (c) 2013 Jefferson González and the Premake project
+ */
+#include "premake.h"
+int os_host(lua_State* L)
+	lua_pushstring(L, PLATFORM_STRING);
+	return 1;


 	{ "isdir",       os_isdir       },
 	{ "getcwd",      os_getcwd      },
 	{ "getversion",  os_getversion  },
+	{ "host",        os_host        },
 	{ "isfile",      os_isfile      },
 	{ "matchdone",   os_matchdone   },
 	{ "matchisfile", os_matchisfile },


 int os_copyfile(lua_State* L);
 int os_getcwd(lua_State* L);
 int os_getversion(lua_State* L);
+int os_host(lua_State* L);
 int os_is64bit(lua_State* L);
 int os_isdir(lua_State* L);
 int os_isfile(lua_State* L);
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