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Batch notifications for Pushover now behave in the same manner as Notify My Android: if and only if all notifications in a single call fail do we raise an exception.

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File pushnotify/

     def _parse_response(self, stream, verify=False):
         response = json.loads(
-        print response
         self._last_code = stream.code
         if 'device' in response.keys():
             self._last_user = None
-        if self._last_status == 1 or verify:
-            return
-        else:
-            self._raise_exception()
+        return self._last_status
     def _post(self, url, data):
             raise exceptions.UnrecognizedResponseError(msg, self._last_code)
     def notify(self, title, message, kwargs=None):
-        """
+        """Send a notification to each user/device in self.users.
             title: A string of up to 100 characters containing the
         # TODO: what to do if no users set?
+        """Here we match the behavior of Notify My Android and Prowl:
+        raise a single exception if and only if every notification
+        fails"""
+        raise_exception = False
         for user in self.users:
             data = {'token': self.token,
                     'user': user[0],
             if kwargs:
-            print data
             data = urllib.urlencode(data)
             response = self._post(NOTIFY_URL, data)
-            self._parse_response(response)
+            status = self._parse_response(response)
+            if not status:
+                raise_exception = not status
-        # TODO: if each notification fails, raise an exception
+        if raise_exception:
+            self._raise_exception()
     def verify_user(self, user):
         """Verify a user token.