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Jeffrey Goettsch  committed 1311c34

Added PyDoc comment about sending sounds through pushover.Client's notify method. Closes #8.

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File pushnotify/pushover.py

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                     to attach to the notification.
                 url_title: A string of up to 50 characters containing a
                     title to give the attached URL.
+                sound: A string containing a valid sound returned from
+                    get_sounds().
                 (default: None)

File pushnotify/tests/tests.py

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         self.client.notify(self.desc, self.event, split=False,
                            kwargs={'priority': 1, 'url': 'http://google.com/',
-                                   'url_title': 'Google'})
+                                   'url_title': 'Google',
+                                   'sound': 'classical'})
     def test_notify_valid_split(self):
         """Test pushover.Client.notify with a valid notification,