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Updated logging example for new interface.

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File examples/

 import logging
 import pushnotify
-from pushnotify import nma
+from pushnotify import get_client
 def main():
     # an obviously invalid API Key
     apikey = '012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567'
-    client = nma.Client([apikey])
-    app = 'pushnotify examples'
+    client = get_client('nma', application='pushnotify examples')
+    client.add_key(apikey)
     event = 'logging example'
     desc = 'testing the logging capabilities of the pushnotify package'
     # this will raise an exception because the API Key is invalid
-        client.notify(app, event, desc)
+        client.notify(desc, event, split=True)
     except pushnotify.exceptions.ApiKeyError: