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When submitting a bug, I require the following information as a minimum, but any additional information is good to include:

  1. What version of calibre and plugin you are using. If you are not on the latest plugin version, I will require that you update before I accept any bug report. If you are not on the latest version of calibre, I may not be able to reproduce the issue and may ask you to install multiple test versions and provide debug logging.
  2. The full error message reported by calibre, if any.
  3. For issues processing books, whether or not you have a book that you are able to send me that demonstrates the issue. DO NOT UPLOAD EBOOK FILES TO THE ISSUE TRACKER! Under no circumstances should copyrighted content be uploaded to a public bug. If a book file is needed, I will send you a link to use to upload one.
  4. The calibre debug log. No bug is accepted without this provided.
    1. To get the calibre debug log, click the arrow beside the "Preferences" menu, choose "Restart in debug mode", repeat the same action that caused the issue, and close calibre. The debug log will be automatically displayed to you.

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