Jeús Gómez avatar Jeús Gómez committed b3f4bda

bugfix: updated old MfauiReflection references to Mfaui

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 	Class partypes[] = {Double.TYPE};
 	Map<String, Method> mapfun = new HashMap<String, Method>();
 	try {
-	    mapfun.put("f", Class.forName("MwfauiReflection").getMethod("f", partypes));
-	    mapfun.put("f2", Class.forName("MwfauiReflection").getMethod("f2", partypes));
-	    mapfun.put("f12", Class.forName("MwfauiReflection").getMethod("f12", partypes));
+	    mapfun.put("f", Class.forName("Mwfaui").getMethod("f", partypes));
+	    mapfun.put("f2", Class.forName("Mwfaui").getMethod("f2", partypes));
+	    mapfun.put("f12", Class.forName("Mwfaui").getMethod("f12", partypes));
-	    Double r = (Double)mapfun.get(fun).invoke(new MwfauiReflection(), arglist);
+	    Double r = (Double)mapfun.get(fun).invoke(new Mwfaui(), arglist);
 	catch(Throwable e) {
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