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py2app is a suite of distutils extensions for Python development on the Mac. The additional distutils commands (when imported) are as follows:


Converts python scripts into executable Mac OS X applications, able to run without requiring an existing python installation. This is a replacement for bundlebuilder.


Extensible Mac OS X installer package creation command. By default it creates a self-contained metapackage that separates your package's components by install scheme (platlib, scripts, headers, etc.). It can be subclassed to provide additional subpackages such as dependencies, example code, documentation, applications, Xcode templates, etc.

The following pieces of the py2app suite may also be of general interest:


Cross-platform extremely flexible replacement for modulefinder that uses a graph data structure to track dependencies.


General purpose graph library, forked from graphlib.


Mach-O header tool suite. Can be used to analyze and rewrite dependencies or symbols in Mach-O headers. Primarily used as a replacement for otool and install_name_tool.
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