Time is a very simple time-keeping application for tracking billable hours, accounts, and tasks. For simplicity, Time expects to run off a development station behind a firewall as it does not do authentication checks. A 5 minute demo of TimeKeeper can be found at


  • Track time by account, task, and billable
  • Filter tracked time by account, task, and billable to see total hours per account, task, or timeframe.


  • Apache
  • PHP 5.3 or Greater
  • MySQL
  • Localhost Environment or htaccess authentication
  • Composer
  • Bower


  • Note: This is not for public facing use.
  • Import the MySQL dump (database_installer.sql) into your MySQL database of choice.
  • Rename config.example.php to config.php and fill in your database name, user name, and password
  • Run composer install
  • Run bower install
  • Should be done!

Time is built using

  • The Silex MicroFramework
  • Bootstrap
  • Composer
  • Bower
  • DBAL
  • jQuery


Version 0.1.0

September 14, 2014

  • Converted all views to bootstrap3
  • Front-end libraries now load through bower making installation easier
  • Config.php now defines the database parameters

Version 0.0.0

April 3, 2013

  • Base features implemented.
  • Single user per install.
  • Allows adding and editing of time, creation of accounts and tasks.
  • Allows filtering of time by time, billable, accounts, tasks.
  • Lists time by filters, allows reordering, totals hours billable/non-billable.

Version 0.0.0

March 27, 2013

  • Initial Commit