Space Hogs

CSE 682 - Winter 2007

The Ohio State University

Team Members

Daniel Guinn - Models, Art, Concept

Justin Holewinski - Physics, Game Engine, Back End, Lead Programmer

Joseph Ahn - Explosions, Rings/Power Ups

Jason Kim - Monsters, Laser/Tractor Beam, Player Controls

Vjekoslav Kovacevic - Homing Missiles, Other


To build Space Hogs, Visual Studio 2010 and XNA Game Studio 4.0 are required.

You will also need the art assets, which can be found at
Unzip this file in the root of the Space Hogs source tree before opening the
solution in Visual Studio.

Load the SpaceHogs-Win32.sln workspace in Visual Studio, and build the SpaceHogs
project. The game binary and all needed assets will be built.

How To Play

Fly through the ring patterns to increase score, destroy asteroids,monsters, etc
to increase score, reach target score at end of level to go to the next level.


Xbox Controller

Thumbstick - Motion

Y - Gravity Bomb

B - Homing Missiles

X - Laser

Left Shoulder - Tractor Beam Attract

Right Shoulder - Tractor Beam Repel

PC Keyboard

Arrow Keys - Motion

G - Gravity Bomb

Spacebar - Homing Missiles

X - Laser

Left Shift Button - Tractor Beam Attract

Left Ctrl button - Tractor Beam Repel

Change Log

Feb 15, 2012 - Initial conversion to XNA 4.0


  • Unbreak the Xbox version (and create the new project files)
  • Extensively test the game after the XNA 4.0 conversion
  • Fix the outstanding memory issues on Xbox