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added specularities

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 let rgb_arith_mix (c1:color) (c2:color) (mix:float) : color =
   assert (mix <= 1.0 && mix >= 0.0);
   rgb_sum (rgb_coeff c1 mix) (rgb_coeff c2 (1.0 -. mix))
+let rgb_chop ((r,g,b):color) : color =
+  let chop i = min 255 (max 0 i) in
+  (chop r, chop g, chop b)
 let fabs (f:float) : float = if f > 0.0 then f else 0.0 -. f
 let sq x = x *. x 
   let specular_coeff = v3_dot light_reflect_dir ray_norm in
   let specular_color = rgb_coeff light.light_color specular_coeff in
-    rgb_arith_mix specular_color lambert_color surf.albedo
+    rgb_chop (rgb_sum lambert_color (rgb_coeff specular_color surf.albedo))
 let handle_ambient (isect:intersection) (ambience:float) : color =
   rgb_coeff (shape_surface isect.obj).surface_color ambience
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