TiffModule message fields need getter methods

Issue #104 resolved
Richard Anderson
created an issue

The TiffModule has the following data fields that contain Messages: protected List<Message> invalidFieldMessage; protected List<Message> invalidFirstTwoBytesMessage; protected List<Message> prematureEOFMessage; protected List<Message> invalidMagicNumberMessage; * protected List<Message> byteOffsetNotWordAlignedMessage;

However, none of these fields has a public getter (accessor) method (which should be annotated @ReportableProperty)

Also, in the IFDEntry class, there is a slight mismatch in the character case between the private field and public getter for the following fields:

  • tileLengthNotMultipleof16Message **getTileLengthNotMultipleOf16Message()
  • tileWidthNotMultipleof16Message ** getTileWidthNotMultipleOf16Message()

It would be of benefit to assessment if the "of16" in the private field name could change to "Of16" to match the public getter. That way the rule's predicate can use the field name as a shorthand for the getter call. (but please don't change the lower case "tile" at the beginning of the variable name)

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