No module name found for Identifier exif-uncompressed

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Maurice de Rooij created an issue

Running JHOVE2-2.0.0 on Windows, it is unable to analyse uncompressed grayscale TIFFS. JHOVE exits with:

[ERROR/PROCESS] No module name found for Identifier

Other type of TIFF files, such as RGB, return expected results.

Attached result of "test.tif", an uncompressed grayscale which is known to be invalid and not well-formed.

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  1. Maurice de Rooij reporter

    Assigned this bug to user "jhove2". This is a serious bug, when do I get any reply?

  2. Sheila Morrissey

    Maurice - There is no profile created for exif-compressed -- this would be needed actually to verify the instance. However, you can modify the Spring configuration file to map the format to the Tiff module. Sheila

  3. Maurice de Rooij reporter

    Hi Sheila, thanks for picking this up. I knew about configuring modules, but assumed that baseline TIFF's were covered already. Will look into the documentation as well to try and see if I can solve this myself.

  4. Sheila Morrissey

    Maurice -- Could you please upload the sample tif, if it is permitted? I would like to try modifying the Spring config.xml file to at least process this format as a TIFF, even without the exif-compressed profile, as we discussed last week, to see if JHOVE2 would give you some useful information to be going on with -- If that is not possible -- I'll try creating sample spring config xml files and upload here so you can try them there smm

  5. Sheila Morrissey

    Maurice -- thank you just catching up with this -- I will try it against edited spring config files and post what I find sheila

  6. Sheila Morrissey

    JHOVE2 output after changing Spring config file to make EXIF Uncompressed an alias for TIFF NOTE: THERE IS NO EXIF UNCOMPRESSED PROFILE class -- so no validation as EXIF UNCOMPRESSED per se

  7. Sheila Morrissey

    Edit of C:\jhove2-2.1.0\config\spring\module\format\tiff\jhove2-tiff-config.xml to add beans for identifiers for PUIDs etc for EXIF Uncompressed as aliases to TIFF format bean

  8. Sheila Morrissey

    Maurice -- have a look at test.tif.after.xml and see if this is useful to you. NOTE: THERE IS NO EXIF UNCOMPRESSED PROFILE class -- so no validation as EXIF UNCOMPRESSED per se

    IF this helps -- then replace the config\spring files with the 2 attached above.

    Best Sheila

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